This past Friday evening, long-time Groundcover News vendor Shelley DeNeve and Groundcover volunteers Lauren Halperin and Joe Sloan had the opportunity to participate in the super-fun and very Ann Arbory Festifools Foolmoon luminary parade.

Photo Courtesy of Tom Nighswander

They met up with one of three luminary groups at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (the other two began at Slauson Middle School and Kerrytown), and made their merry way through downtown Ann Arbor.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Sloan
Photo Courtesy of Joe Sloan

The parade was very colorful with people covered in flashing lights playing music, dancing, singing, and making everyone who saw them smile widely. Many onlookers joined in the revelry.

Photo courtesy of Joe Sloan

A good time was had by all.

A big shout out to the Festifools crew! You all did such a wonderful job making this a fun and positive event that exemplifies the strengths and unique qualities of this wonderful community, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

3 thoughts on “Groundcover News had a blast at the A2 Festifools Foolmoon parade this weekend!

    1. That’s great, Joe! Thanks for staying in touch and sharing your adventures with us. Our summer interns are working the social media plan you developed for Groundcover News.

      1. Well judging by the multiple Facebook updates I see for Groundcover News every day, it’s going well! I’m so glad I could be a part of the Groundcover News family, and you can count on me coming to the Thursday Vendor Social Hour meetings any time I’m in the Deuce!

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