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Thank you for your support at the Heidelberg!

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Many thanks to Stevie D and the Wannabes, the Heidelberg Restaurant, the U-M Groundcover student group, the businesses who donated raffle prizes and all those who attended Friday night’s fundraiser! If you couldn’t make the event but would still like to help our vendors and volunteers get to the International Street Newspaper conference this Sunday, click the “Donate” button on the side of the page. Thanks again for all of your support, and keep your eye out for future fundraisers.



Author: Kaitlin S

Hey everyone , my name is Kaitlin. I'm a senior at the University of Michigan. I hail from a southwestern suburb of Chicago. My sister Jaclyn is my best friend, my three-year-old black lab Brooklyn is basically another sister, and my family is crazy but I love them to death. While everyone sits and complains about Midwestern winters, I soak up all the gray skies and snow that I can. Writing is what I was meant to do, and so I do it as often as college life allows. I love to listen to my Bon Iver Pandora station when I'm writing, or some good ol' classical music. Or nothing at all. Not a lot of things I do are consistent, but I think that makes me who I am.

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