Dreaming of a colorful winter

Denise Shearer, Groundcover vendor No. 485

Instead of snow in the wintertime, I dream of a colorful winter. 

Instead of having snow in 

December, January,

February and Valentine’s Day,

March and St Patrick’s Day,

April and Easter, 

I dream of no snow and seeing pretty colors. 

Colors that are pretty like green, red, orange, purple, 

and bright colors like yellow and pink, too.

Instead of a white Christmas and New Year’s Day, 

I dream of a colorful Christmas and New Year’s with no snow.

I like looking at Christmas decorations and other decorations at Christmastime,

and when Christmas is over. 

I like to see these pretty colors instead of snow in the wintertime.

They help me dream of a colorful winter.

No snow to me means that I hope people can get around better 

because there’s no ice.

When it don’t snow, 

people who don’t have a place to live don’t have a harder time.

I still don’t like the snow even if I’m inside some place warm and watching it fall 

because I think about other people that aren’t as blessed as me

to be inside when it’s cold and snowing.

I like when it doesn’t snow 

because I can see bunny rabbits and other pretty animals that are more colorful.

Sometimes I can also see colorful flowers, butterflies, 

and of course, Christmas decorations, and toys and people’s cars.

Even though I don’t really like snow and winter, 

I do like Michigan and I like living here. 

The people I know help me feel warmer in the cold winter months.


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