David Saenz. (2)

In one sentence, who are you? A gentle soul in need of housing.

Where do you usually sell Groundcover? The People’s Food Co-op.

Why did you start selling Groundcover? I started selling 5 months ago, in October, because a friend turned me on to the paper.

What’s your favorite thing about selling Groundcover? The atmosphere and personalities of the other vendors and customers.

What is something our readers should know about you? I am loving, sharing, and caring. I give the shirt off my back to someone else that cannot afford something. My way is to kill people with kindness.

What is your typical day like? My typical day for me is pretty interesting. I get a lot of people who stop to converse with me before purchasing a paper.

What’s the most interesting thing that happened to you while selling Groundcover? One lady came up to me and didn’t want a paper but made a $20 donation.

What change would you like to see in Washtenaw County? More choices and outlets for homeless people— mainly more housing.

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