Meet Vendor #159, Lit Kurtz


I lost my job in Detroit during a mass teacher layoff during 2012. Subsequently, I lost my home, and eventually all my belongings. After living “on the streets” for about a year and a half. I found out in November that I could cash out my retirement pension. This enabled me to get inside, but in by no means ended my homelessness. The cost of living is very high when staying in hotel rooms rather than a room or apartment. I am undergoing credit repair this year which should make it easier for me to reenter the housing market.

All purchases help me to meet the critical demands of food and shelter, and through donations and thrift and budget shopping, clothing.    I recently lost my job as a substitute teacher because I did what I enjoy doing most — speaking out about homelessness. Besides, selling and writing for the Ground Cover,  I am working towards releasing my first CD.  I am also the executive director of the organization OUR2020 VISION  of which I am a co-founder.

I hope you will get the paper regularly. The sales not only help us,  but keeps you in touch with a segment of society whose voice is rarely heard.

To check out Lit’s personal webpage, follow this link. You can read more about her, check out videos of Lit selling Groundcover, or order papers directly from Lit to be delivered to you.


3 thoughts on “Lit Kurtz, Vendor #159

  1. I know this is soooooooo late! I rarely check this website as I am so busy with my own and selling the newspaper. Thanks for sending me this information– it sounds like a powerful group. I am still looking for innovative ways to fight homelessness — please stay in touch!

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