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Robert Salo is originally from Farmington and came to Ann Arbor because he wanted to do something new besides buying and selling cars. The best part about working with Groundcover, according to Robert, is that “we can be who we are and be unique.” He enjoys going to the mass meetings every week at Groundcover as well. If he had to give advice to someone struggling with housing, Robert said, “I would tell them that I started off at the Delonis shelter and signed up for their housing program, and hopefully if they do the same they will find a place within a few months. You can make it to the meals at the shelter and at the churches that offer free meals, that helps.”

Robert likes to work on his art, and says, “I’m fascinated with seeing something different every time I work. I call it street art.” He can tell you about all of the historical plaques around Ann Arbor—this story began in the May 2015 issue of Groundcover News. Look for Robert selling Groundcover and ask him to tell you about his art or the plaques!

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