New Coupons to give to Panhandlers in Washtenaw County

Many people want to help panhandlers on the street but aren’t sure exactly how to do so. Sure, you could give them cash, but that’s not helping them develop skills or move out of their current situation. Here’s something we based on what other street newspapers have done: information coupons.

These coupons can be given to panhandlers in place of money, both to give them information about Groundcover and to show them where people are more willing to give their money. Print them off and hand them out to panhandlers you see; it will get the ball rolling for them and hopefully end with them becoming a Groundcover vendor and developing skills that can help them get back on their feet.  COUPONS FOR PANHANDLERS


Meet Vendor #103 Joe Woods

Check out the uncut interview of Groundcover News Vendor #103 Joe Wood, the “$10 Paper Man”. This interview was conducted by University of Michigan Student Contributor and Groundcover Staff Volunteer Amelia Brown.

Please Enjoy!

Groundcover News Vendors sell 10,000 May Issues!

Shattering their previous month’s record, as well as every other monthly sales record, the amazing, talented, and dedicated vendors of Groundcover News sold 10,066 copies of the May issue!

Thank you to all of you supporters, fans, readers, and community members that have helped our vendors to push this organization forward and into the future!

Let’s do it again this month!

Groundcover Benefit Concert in Saline

Groundcover Benefit Concert in Saline

An awesome group of Saline High School students have selected Groundcover News as the focus of their Capstone project. These socially-conscious teens are throwing a benefit concert at the t Brewed Awakenings Cafe at 7025 E Michigan Ave, Saline, MI 48176 (corner of State & Michigan).

Admission is free, but donations are encouraged and will go to support the continued efforts of Groundcover News throughout the Washtenaw County Community.

Volunteer Meeting recap

Plans are underway for a Groundcover presence in 4th of July Parades, the Ann Arbor Art Fair and the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.  Professional signs will soon be ordered to help vendors sell to cars in outlying areas. Plans are also firming up for a night of comedy in late September that will double as a fundraiser for Groundcover News.  We might even get it together to do another music bash this summer!  Thanks to everyone who came out to help us move things forward.2013-09-17 04.01.10 2013-09-17 04.01.25