Tony was one of the first Groundcover vendors and was instrumental in our early success.

Listen to Elijah Klein’s podcast interviews of Tony:

Meet Tony S., vendor no. 9

In one sentence, who are you: Good, friendly person to talk to.

Where do you normally sell Groundcover? Various places: Liberty and Main, Old Town Restaurant, churches, especially St. Francis

When and why did you start selling Groundcover? 2010, the first week Groundcover started. Waited one week because I was working at the art fair.

What are your favorite things about selling Groundcover? I enjoy sales and talking to people. Meeting different people.

What’s something our readers should know? (I enjoy) talking to people about sports, weather and life itself.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to you while selling Groundcover? Meeting Joan Baez, but there’ve been several.

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