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Mission Statement

Groundcover News exists to create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty.


Groundcover News, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in April, 2010 as a means to empower low-income persons to make the transitions from homeless to housed, and from jobless to employed. Street newspapers like Groundcover News exist in cities all over the United States, as well as in more than 40 other countries,  in an effort to raise awareness of the plight of homeless and combat the increase in poverty. For more information, visit

We are suspending our print edition, but our mission still guides us

There is no truck with bundles of newspaper being delivered to Groundcover News. There are no vendors inside the Groundcover News office. To help stem the spread of Covid-19 and keep our vendors and customers safe, we have temporarily suspended publication of our print newspaper gone digital.

All of us are working to halt the spread of this deadly virus, including our vendors —  the people you have come to know — the familiar faces you greet on your way to work, the new friends you say hello to on the corner outside your favorite coffee shop. It would be irresponsible to burden them and you with a social interaction that could jeopardize anyone’s health.

That vital interaction is the business model our vendors have built, day by day, week by week, making it all the more upsetting to us to suspend this essential relationship that is the heart and soul of Groundcover News. It is even more disturbing to grapple with the income lost to vendors who rely so heavily on their sales. Some have literally nowhere to go.

But while this is the new reality around us, it does not have to stop us. We are an organization formed by people who know hardship and embody resilience. The streets continue to guide us and reinforce us.

In this new phase of social distancing, we are working to get at least some money to every single vendor and help them with specific bills. You can support this effort now by:

  • Make a donation on our website via the DONATE button on the top right of our home page.
  • Mail a check to:
    Groundcover News
    423 S. 4th
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104
    All donations received between now and the end of “Stay at Home” order will go towards meeting vendors basic needs. We are currently securing phones and phone plans for those vendors who don’t have them so we can be in touch with each other and they can stay connected to others important to them, including medical personnel, should that become necessary.
  • Purchasing a subscription so you can get online versions of our upcoming issues, starting with April. Income from the subscriptions will be used to replace a portion of the typical weekly income of each vendor. Subscribe now or click on Subscribe on our main menu.
  • Being part of our Vendor-Volunteer buddy system. If you would like to buddy up and stay in contact with a vendor, please email to let us know.

There’s nothing incremental about this moment, and Groundcover News will never lose its focus on advocating for the people for whom “sheltering in place” is an impossibility because they lack a house, access to hygiene, food and income. We are here for them and trust you will be too. All of us at Groundcover News, vendors, staff and volunteers, thank you for your continued support as we get through this together.

Groundcover News approaches all of our activities with the following principles. We believe:

• All people have the right to dignity.
• Diversity has intrinsic value.
• Poverty is political—systemic change is necessary.
• Building community is essential to social change.
• Political effectiveness requires staying power.
• Solutions to poverty must involve people who are directly affected.
• Risks are necessary to create positive change.
• Meeting people where they are honors their skills and potential.
• We are committed to quality, professionalism, and accountability in everything we do.

For even more information, listen to publisher Susan Beckett’s radio interview with Body Mind Spirit Radio.

Help promote Groundcover as a progressive alternative to panhandling by downloading THESE COUPONS to give to folks panhandling on the streets of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Pittsfield Township, Dexter, or Chelsea!

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Visit us during our normal hours at:
423 S. 4th Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Room F1 (lower level of Bethlehem Church)

You can also send us a note through our COMMENT FORM below.